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The Must have feature summary of a Messenger App:

User Registration

Put in a security level for just about any user to use the app features. Verification could be in the kind of mobile number or email id.

Profile Update

A feature to enable users to put in a GBWhatsApp photo, status, email id etc…


Chatbots the AI conversational people are created to focus on chat os’s and provide humans as reaction.

End-to-End Encryption

Make your chats protected with end-to-end encryption that means no third parties are able to read or even listen to them. Just the sender and recipient active in the discussion is able to comprehend them.

Cloud Synchronization

Provide your users’ backup for their video, audio, documents, and images to Google Drive.

Push Notifications

Let the subscribers of yours understand about the emails or maybe pictures they get by push notifications without actually opening the chat.

Instant Messaging

The primary backbone of the app is actually instant messaging allowing individuals to idea in real time.

Group Chats

This particular feature allows for the subscribers of yours to chat with groups of the friends of theirs, family, colleagues all in a single spot.

Message Broadcast

Message Broadcasting enables users to send out a message to several of their saved associates simultaneously.

Voice Recording

Voice Recorder allows for the pc user of yours to shoot their speech with a mic right in the app’s private chat.

Read receipts

A shipping indication confirms delivery of the information to the recipient’s app verifying that the recipient has gotten it & read it.

Message Forwarding

This particular feature enables the user to forward the information to the selected contacts of theirs.

Share button

Share button enables the user to discuss the idea on different or same app os’s.

Online/Offline Status

Online/Offline event detection, allow users’ connections know whether the user is online or perhaps offline.

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